The Takitani Scholarship applications are open on December 1!

An outstanding graduating senior will be selected by each qualifying high school to receive a $3,000 scholarship. From this group, finalists from each school district, the Hawaii Catholic Schools, and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools will be selected to receive an additional $2,000 scholarship. All Takitani Scholars are eligible to renew their scholarship for three years of undergraduate study and graduate school for up to $3,000 a year.

Accredited schools with less than 100 students enrolled in grades 9-12 may also nominate a student with the understanding that their candidate will be grouped together with students from schools of similar enrollment size and considered for one of two $3,000 scholarships.

Counselors must register online EVERY YEAR in order for their schools to be eligible to apply. Counselor registration is open from December 1 – February 1:

Three outstanding scholars will be selected from among the finalists for the following scholarships:

Mamoru Takitani Outstanding Student Award $10,000

Aiko Takitani Outstanding Student Award $10,000

Karen Uno Distinguished Student Award $8,000

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December 1
Scholarship information and application materials are available online.

January 1
Renewal application process opens.

February 1
Deadline for counselors to register their schools.

Deadline for students to submit online and provide a hard copy of their application to their Counselor.

February 1-8

 School scholarship committees convene and select their Takitani Scholar.

February 8
Deadline for schools  go online to designate and verify their student selection.

All scholarship winners notified, including $3,000 scholars, finalists (total $5,000) and top scholarship winners (totaling $8,000, and $10,000).

June 1
Deadline for student scholars to submit college information online to the Takitani Foundation for check processing.

June 8
Deadline for renewal scholarship applications to be submitted.

Scholarship checks mailed to respective colleges and universities.

Information for COUNSELORS